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About London's Best Indian Catering for exclusive stylish events

Our outside catering service brings all our highly acclaimed restaurants' cuisine to weddings, parties & events in and around London. An Indian spin on an event, from a wedding to a corporate event, is an increasingly popular choice, and we deliver a gourmet ride in authentic style from start to finish.

Catering for Exclusive Parties, Corporate Events
& Weddings

We bring together our unique talents including over 50 specialised chefs. Our dishes and canapés are inspired by a myriad of tastes and recipes, from the palaces and gourmet homes of India to the delectable street food. We aim to be inspirational, with our focus on modern, innovative cuisine, all tantalisingly presented, as well as offering the regional classics that are more traditional. 

With our wide range of offerings and expertise, we cater across a wide spectrum of events and functions, be it a large exotic wedding requiring micro management of detail from, the flowers to the final mouthful; or smaller events where trays of outstanding bite-sized canapes are offered around along with champagne, wine and cocktails.

We cater to your needs and we offer a complete service - from the waiters, to the bar, to the doorman with a turban. Your wishes are met and more, we like to exceed expectations. 

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