Amaya, Chutney Mary, Veeraswamy food

Scallops from Amaya

Tokri Chaat from Chutney Mary

Raan of Lamb from Veeraswamy

About Gourmet Indian food from London's Best Indian Restaurants

We uniquely harness the richness of as many as 16 different Indian cuisines prepared only by chefs trained within the region of their Indian birthplace, to ensure every classic recipe is authentic to its origins. We are alone in selecting the highest quality spices at source, as well as selecting only the finest, freshest seasonal ingredients.


Amaya is contemporary take on time-honoured Indian grilling methods, the Tandoor (clay oven), Sigri (cooking over a coal flame) and Tawa (searing and griddling on a hot plate). 

The food is designed for sharing in bite-sized portions and is immediately served as it is prepared: fresh, fragrant and supremely flavoursome. 

Amaya probably encompasses the broadest range and variety of grills ever seen under one roof in a restaurant in the world. This covers an exceptional variety of seafood, poultry, beef, game, as well as 15 vegetarian dishes. 

These ingredients are clothed and marinaded into bespoke, unusual and creative  blends of complex seasonings creating tantalizing seductive taste sensations.


Retaining many of its signature dishes, Chutney Mary's menu now presents many new options inspired by both tradition and modernity. 

The restaurant redefines quintessential Indian cuisine - bringing together authentic flavours, reinterpreting traditional recipes, applying innovative techniques, Exceptional and unusual recipes from all over India are refined and cooked with  a contemporary twist. 

The diverse menu includes delectable Indian street food, alluringly presented, a variety of grills with an international outlook such as lamb shank, roast duck and fillet of fish, seafood from Goa and the Konkan coast, a host of unusual curries from across India and seasonal dishes.


Veeraswamy offers a comprehensive menu of the very best of Indian classical cuisine from several regions of India, and delectable comfort food all cooked & prepared to the highest standard. This is served alongside contemporary creations. 

The extraordinary tastes and flavours unique to the palaces and gourmet homes of India are refined and adapted, along with a selection of the best of street food thereby offering a menu that is both authentic and unique. This food is rarely found in the restaurants of India let alone Europe. 

The food aims to comfort as well as inspire and satisfy the demanding palate of our diners.