The Private Dining Rooms at Amaya, Chutney Mary and Veeraswamy


Amaya's Private Dining Room


Chutney Mary's Crystal Room


Veeraswamy's Palmer Room

Introduction to London's Most Exclusive Fine Indian Private Dining

Each of our three fine dining restaurants has beautiful separate private dining rooms. Each possesses a uniquely Indian aura & personality. They all have personalised service, exciting menus, a fabulous selection of compatible wines & exotic cocktails. They can be used flexibly for any occasion – social or business

Private Dining at Amaya

Private dining in Amaya’s beguiling Private Room is a shimmering, exotic, captivating treat. This room has a spicy Indian drama quite unlike any other. The beautifully elegant long polished table, crowned by a fringe of iridescent long crystal drops, seats up to 14.

Private Dining at Chutney Mary

Chutney Mary offers two beautiful private dining rooms in its St. James’s Street in the heart of London’s West End. The Club Room seats between 18-32 for a formal lunch or dinner and up to 60 for a cocktail reception. The Crystal Room offers more intimate stylish dining for 10-16.

Private Dining at Veeraswamy

Veeraswamy’s sophisticated Palmer Room exudes glamour, elegance and exclusivity. It is a splendid venue for a multitude of functions including celebrations, private parties and corporate rendezvous. It seats up to 22 or accommodates cocktail parties up to 50.

We are attentive to all special requests in respect of menus, dietary requirements, unspiced menus, table setups, floral decorations etc. 

The average cost of a private dining dinner inclusive of beverage and service is £90 - £135 per person. The average cost of a private dining lunch inclusive of beverage and service is £60 - £90 per person.


Ask us here for information on private parties in Chutney Mary, Veeraswamy or Amaya and receive detailed party information. 

If your budget is £50 or less per person, have larger parties than indicated above, or if you wish to do exclusive venue hire, please click here for party information at Masala Zone, our highly regarded group of informal dining restaurants.